Introducing the Super Suit

Introducing the Super Suit

Why would we spend a year of our time, more money than we’ll tell, and countless hours field testing this suit?

Because we were tired of wearing beekeeping suits that ripped at the first tug, weren’t adjustable, had legs that were too short, put us in a bind when we bent over, took Houdini to get our booted feet into and wouldn’t let us get a drink of water or wipe the sweat off our brows while we were working. Sound familiar?

So, we sat down and listed every dream feature we’d like to have in a bee suit. And then we asked a couple of manufacturing companies to make it. Once we received the first prototype, we put it to work in the beeyard. We sent it back with adjustments we felt like were needed and continued that process for a year. After 8, or maybe more, prototypes, we were finally satisfied that we had created the best beekeeping suit out there. Our manufacturer guarantees us that there is not another suit like it anywhere on the market.

We started with the toughest triple layer breezy fabric we could find. This is not your normal triple layer fabric with a carpet pad for the middle layer! We have pulled and twisted and tried to tear this fabric to no avail. We are sure it’s not indestructable but we think it’s pretty close since our busiest beekeeper wore it 6 months and didn’t put a single tear in it!

After we had chosen the fabric, we insisted that the suit be easy to put on while wearing boots! Thus the full length leg zippers were born! No more hopping around or taking off your boots to get into your suit! 

All the zippers in the suit, are only the best! We special ordered YKK metal, non-rusting zippers for every single zipper on the suit. No plastic zippers allowed.

The veil design is crucial. Too many veils are difficult to get open when there’s a bee in there or when sweat is dripping in your eyes or your hair is plastered across your face or your glasses are sliding down your nose or you just need a cool drink of water. So we decided to do something about all that and put a zipper on the veil. Now it’s easy to slip open the veil and take care of any of these issues and then zip it back up quickly without putting your shoulders in a bind trying to unzip the whole veil. Plus we added 2 strong supports on the back of the veil to help keep it off your head.

Next, we made the torso 3 inches longer than other suits and added width as well. No more getting into a bind or bending over sideways to work bees! The legs are also 3 inches longer than traditional suits for our taller customers but won’t be a problem for those of shorter stature as the suit will bunch up a little at the ankle and give added protection in that area.

The wrist has adjustable velcro straps so the wrist size is whatever you need it to be. We only allowed the strongest thickest elastic in the waist, around the wrists and ankles to keep it from snapping after a few uses.

The knees are covered with a super tough nylon stain and tear-resistant fabric. We took the pockets off the back hips becasue we wanted more ventilation and we don’t use those pockets anyway.

So, there you have it. Our dream bee suit. We hope it will be your dream suit too! Come by and try one on! Click here to purchase a super suit.


  1. Lyndon Shook Lyndon Shook

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for the questions! The Super Suit is slightly (1 to 2 lbs.) heavier than some other similar suits due to the higher quality material that we have chosen. Our commercial beekeepers say the slight weight difference is not noticeable when working in it. The suit was also constructed to allow for maximum airflow. Much of our testing was done in the South Texas heat and it performed very well! Come by and try one on if you get a chance or feel free to call the store with any other questions.

  2. Gary Ferguson Gary Ferguson

    Your write up does not mention 2 things, we are in Texas, how hot is the bee suit and how much does it weigh? It looks hot and heavy, I sure hope not. I need a new bee suit. Thanks Gary

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