Blue Ridge Bee Pickup information Email #1 of 3

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This is the #1 email in a series of 3 that you should receive approximately 1 week before your pick up date. If you did not receive this please notify us!

Greetings Beekeeper!

Your Pick-up Date and Time: ______________________ in Blue Ridge

Please read the following carefully as our pick-up instructions have changed from previous years due to the current pandemic. We are making every effort to keep our staff and customers safe throughout our bee pick up season and appreciate your patience and consideration during this time. We will be practicing social distancing and limiting the number of people in our store as well as implementing other changes as noted below.


~ We STRONGLY encourage you to pre-order your beekeeping supplies and pick them up at the same time you get your bees. When you order online and note the date of your arrival, we will have your supplies ready for you when you arrive and we will load them in your vehicle. There will be no need to exit your vehicle to get them. Suggestions of what to pre-order can be found here: If you buy a NUC you may also need. and If you buy a complete HIVE you may also need.


~ If you forget something in your online order, we are offering curbside ordering. Simply pull up to the parking pad and a TBS staff member will take your order, retrieve the supplies and load them for you. Again, no need to leave your vehicle. 


~ The TBS store will be open during bee pick up, according to current guidelines, we can only allow 5 customers at a time in our store. If you cannot order your supplies online, or you feel you must shop for your items, please understand that you may have a lengthy wait to enter the store. If you enter the store please wear gloves and a mask if at all possible and practice good social distancing.


~ You may wish to shop TBS at a time other than a bee pick-up evening to get your supplies. This would allow for a more leisurely shopping experience and more one-on-one advice and help from our staff.


~ Nucs and hives will be loaded for you but STRAPPING/SECURING them will be your responsibility. Please wear a bee suit or at least a veil as there will be many bees flying as you secure your bees.


~ No inspections of nucs or hives will be allowed but we have a 7-day Money Back Guarantee that allows you to inspect your bees and contact us with pictures if you believe there is a problem. We do inspect each nuc to make sure it meets our high standards before it leaves the premises.


~ Customers will not sign liability forms this year to minimize contact but by removing your bees from the TBS premises, you are agreeing to terms in the liability contract. You may view it HERE


~ Please view the “How to Install a Nuc” video before picking up your nuc.

By the way, your bees are looking great!  It has been a good spring season for brood rearing resulting in rapid hive growth.

Watch for a 2nd and 3rd email coming soon with more information.

See you soon,
The Texas Bee Supply Team