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This email is the 2nd of 3 emails received for customers who will pick up their bees at our Dayton, TX location.

Greetings Beekeepers!

Your Pick-Up Day and Time:                         at 351 County 6243, Dayton TX


What do I need to bring to transport my bees? 

If you will be in a truck or have a trailer:  Bring small straps to secure the lid to your hive and larger straps to secure it in the back of your truck or trailer. Do not wrap the nucs/hives in a tarp.

If you will be in a car or enclosed vehicle:  Bring a sheet to loosely wrap around your nuc/hive.


Will the TBS staff load my bees for me? Yes but TBS can help you but staff are NOT ALLOWED TO SECURE YOUR BEES IN YOUR VEHICLE. You will be responsible for securing your bees for transport, therefore you will need straps and some form of protective gear as you secure them.


Should I seal the bees up tightly while taking them home?  Bees need ventilation so please leave the ventilation slits in the nuc boxes open rather than closing them with tape or other tight fitting objects. The main entrance will be closed on nucs, but the small ventilation slits will not be covered. Hives entrances will be sealed for you in a manner which allows ventilation.


Will there be a lot of bees flying around TBS? DefinitelyPlease exercise caution as you are on the TBS premises. 


**Liability form: In order to minimize contact between staff and customers, there will be no liability form to sign. However, your presence on TBS property indicates a release of TBS from all liability should any accident or injury occur.Please read the liability form HERE.


Agreement of Condition of Bees: Taking delivery of your bees will indicate an agreement with TBS that your bees are satisfactory to you. Read more HERE.


OPEN THE NUC and/or HIVE ENTRANCE AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE HOME. Place the hive or nuc in the location where you plan to leave them permanently.  DO NOT LEAVE IT CLOSED OVER NIGHT.



Transferring Nucs into Hive Bodies: 

SEE THE INSTRUCTIVE VIDEO HERE: How to transfer a nuc into a hive body.


OR READ ABOUT IT HERE: Placement of Nuc Frames into Hive Body:  remove 5 frames from the middle of your wooden brood box, remove the lid from the nuc, carefully move every frame individually from the nucleus into the center of the new wooden box, turn the nuc box upside down over the wooden hive and gently shake the remaining bees into their new home. 


Potential Problems: If you drop or mash the queen during this transfer, you will likely have a queenless hive so be gentle and move the frames slowly. If you are extremely afraid the queen may fall while you are moving the frames, you may put a sheet or tarp under your work area and then gather it up and shake the bees that fall into the hive upon completion of moving the frames. This, of course, won’t help if you mash the queen while moving the frames so care is needed during this transfer.


 If you don’t want to transfer the nucleus (nuc) into the permanent woodenware the day you receive it, you may place your nuc on top of the cover of the wooden hive in which these bees will live and leave it there until you move the nuc frames into the hive - moving the frames should occur within a few days. PLEASE OPEN THE NUC ENTRANCE IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL AT YOUR APIARY EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT TRANSFERRING THE FRAMES OF BEES INTO THE WOODENWARE YET. Bees must have air circulation to survive and leaving the nuc CLOSED will cause them to overheat, even in cool weather. 

 Don't forget, order your supplies this week, and have them shipped to you!  This is the fastest and easiest way to get your supplies!  If you need advice on supplies check out these suggestions:  If you buy a nuc, you may also need and If you buy a complete single hive you may also need.  Or give us a call and we can help!

STAY TUNED FOR EMAIL #3! (If you did not receive the 1st email you can see it here).

The Texas Bee Supply Team

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