Texas Bee Supply Nuc Details and Description

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Texas Bee Supply Nuc Details and Description

Explains details of what comes with a Nuc purchase, optional marking of the queen in your Nuc, pick up dates and care of your Nuc.

Texas Bee Supply

Description:This 5 frame nucleus (nuc) includes a 2020 Texas 5000™ laying Italian/Carniolan queen or Golden Cordovan, depending on your order, with 2-3 frames covered in brood and the rest of the frames covered in bees.


Marking the Queen: We will mark the queen for easier identification if you add the marking cost to this order.  Click: Add a Mark to your Queen in Nuc or Hive to add marking your queen to your shopping cart.

Pick-up Choices: As each Pick up date/time and location fill up, it will be removed from the list of options or a message will indicate "out of stock"  If this happens please chose another day/time/location. With our new 7 day money back or exchange guarantee we no longer encourage inspection of bees on pick up evenings.  If you have any concern about your purchase simply call Texas Bee Supply and talk with one of our associates or email [email protected]  If we are unable to resolve your issue to your satisfaction then simply schedule a day to return your bees in the container you received them and we will refund your money or replace your bees...your choice!  We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. Also, we will make every effort to make your pickup up efficient however due to weather and customer arrival times there could be a wait. Please be prepared for this likely scenario.

Dates: We anticipate these nucs to be ready April through the first week of June but if we have an unusually cold, wet or hot winter and early spring, the timing could change. If we discover that we cannot accommodate your chosen pick up day, we will contact you as soon as possible and offer other options to you.

Email Address: Please include a valid email address as we must send you pick up instructions the week you will acquire your bees. You will receive a receipt in your inbox once you order your bees, so please watch for it. If you do not receive a receipt, we did not receive your order.

Shipping/Pick-up: We do not ship or deliver these hives. All orders for hives must be picked-up at one of our two Texas Bee Supply locations:

14665 County Road 633, Blue Ridge TX 75424 (DFW Area)


351 County Road 6243, Dayton TX  77535 opening spring 2020! (Houston Area)

Please note that there are two Blue Ridge cities in Texas.  We are located north of the DFW area and our zip code is 75424.

Care of the Hive: Once you take your bees home, we recommend transferring them out of their nuc box and into their permanent hive body as soon as possible.  Please be prepared to feed them syrup constantly for a minimum of two weeks. They will need this food while they locate nectar near their new home. Please allow the bees to rest for a few days before examining the hive. They have had a traumatic move, twice, and they need some adjustment time before you open up the top and go through the frames. The queen may stop laying for a while as she adjusts to the new location so don’t panic if you think she isn’t laying immediately. Give her a week or so and then recheck the hive for eggs. Also consider that it is possible for the queen to be injured, killed or lost when you move the frames of the nuc into a permanent box.

What's Included?

  • Pro Nuc Box (a tote like box)
  • 2 to 3 frames of brood
  • 5 frames of bees
  • 2020 laying Italian/Carniolan queen

We do not require you to return the nuc box or trade us 5 frames for the frames in this nuc as other companies do. It's all yours to keep.

We also provide Complete Hives with New Equipment, and a Full Line of Beekeeping Supplies.

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