Spring Splits Class March 7- Dayton, TX


Learn how to effectively and safely split your spring hives with an experienced beekeeper! This class covers all the basics in making splits, both inside the classroom and in an apiary. Topics covered for this fascinating class include: ordering queens for your split, how to prepare your hive to split, hive strength requirements for splitting, making the split, feeding afterwards, post split care, queen acceptance and more. Class will begin at 9:00am and concludes at 12:00pm

Note: This class is held in at our temporary Houston area location - Ember Church at 23623 Fairlake Ln,  Huffman, Texas 77336. Future classes will be held at our new Dayton, TX location which is under construction.   For our DFW area splits classes click HERE.

Please bring your own gloves, suit and veil.

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