Texas 5000 Single Story Hive Blue Ridge


Texas 5000™  Premium Hive!

The Texas 5000 is primarily a hybrid of Carniolan and Italians.  Queens are raised from the absolute best genetics out of about 5,000 Texas hives, thus the name, Texas 5000™

- 10 Frame box with 9 frames installed

- 2020 laying Italian/Carniolan queen

- New 2020 painted box

- New painted telescoping lid

- New inner cover

- New painted screened bottom board

- Brood, honey and pollen in hives

- Healthy Hive Guarantee!

- Texas Bees

- 7 day money back promise

- Marked Queens are not available at this time


Pickup anytime Wednesday-Friday between 11am-5:30pm

Queen Marking is not available at this time

Please put an estimated date of pickup in the notes section of your order

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