Texas 5000 Single Story Hive Blue Ridge Available NOW?


 Hives available for pickup on September 23rd, 24th, or 25th. Please let us know which day you prefer to pick them up.

Texas 5000™  Premium Hive!

The Texas 5000 is primarily a hybrid of Carniolan and Italians.  Queens are raised from the absolute best genetics out of about 5,000 Texas hives, thus the name, Texas 5000™

- 10 Frame box with 9 frames installed

- 2020 laying Italian/Carniolan queen

- New 2020 painted box

- New painted telescoping lid

- New inner cover

- New painted screened bottom board

- Brood, honey and pollen in hives

- Healthy Hive Guarantee!

- Texas Bees

- 7 day money back promise

- Marked Queens are not available at this time


Pickup  Wednesday-Friday between 11am-5:30pm

Queen Marking is not available at this time

Please put an estimated date of pickup in the notes section of your order

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