Ventilated Bee Pants


Unlike any other bee pant on the market - the one and only TBS Ventilated Bee Pant!  These pants are built to last.  Made of the toughest triple layer material we could find with only the very best non-rusting zippers.  Plus it has rugged knee coverings, heavy duty elastic, full length leg zippers, and a waist drawstring.  We didn't even skimp on the cotton for the pockets or the thread and insisted on both of those being worthy of the ventilated bee pant - durable, heavy weight, top-of-the-line materials.

Greatly compliments the TBS Super Jacket!

We believe this is the best beekeeping pant available anywhere.  Visit us and see it for yourself or just take our word for it and place your order!

Created By Beekeepers For Beekeepers


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